Adobe Creates AI To Detect Manipulated Images

A group of Programmers from Adobe and UC Berkeley have infused AI into an algorithm that can now detect facial manipulation in images edited with Photoshop. The Programmers have developed this algorithm as what we see is increasingly important in a world where image editing has become ubiquitous fake content is a serious and increasingly pressing.

Credits: Adobe

Credits: Adobe

The Programmers trained a convolutional neural network (CNN) to spot changes in images where people's facial features have been changed. The researchers trained the algorithm by scripting Photoshop to use Face Aware Liquify on thousands of pictures scraped from the Internet. However, the algorithm is designed only to work with PhotoShop’s Liquefy tool. When the algorithm was tested it detected altered images up to 99 percent of the time, while a human eye could only detect the altered images up to 53 percent of the time.

“While we are proud of the impact that Photoshop and Adobe’s other creative tools have made on the world, we also recognize the ethical implications of our technology,”
— Adobe Blogspot

With the pressing issue of Fake content being spread like wildfire on social media, it is becoming hard to detect doctored images/videos and with this recent research by Adobe, it seems like the company is recognizing the ethical implication of their PhotoShop technology and trying to make amends.