Amazon Drone Ready to Deliver in 4 months

The FAA has granted Amazon Prime Air the permission to test drive their latest innovative method of delivery in the continental US.


Amazon Prime Air can start delivery withing the coming months. The FAA is a governmental body of the United States with powers to regulate civil aviation in the US. In light of recent events namely the Boeing incident the FAA has granted Amazon a one-year license for drone delivery and every re-design has to go through the FAA before it is given the go ahead to take over the skies.

Amazon provided us with an update at its conference in Las Vegas where Robert Downey Jr teamed up with Amazon to use AI to make the world Carbon Negative in a decade, touting the machine's ability to spot obstacles such as people, dogs, and clotheslines.

Jeff Wilke CEO of Prime Air also explained that Amazon is investing heavily in artificial intelligence tech to help drones navigate safely to their destinations, and drop off packages safely. Detecting telephone wires, people, property and even small animals.

The drone is an integral part of Amazon’s strategy to make half of its deliveries net zero carbon by 2030. The electric drone can be charged in a sustainable way and is more energy efficient that delivering packages in a van.

Indraneel Dulange