Amazon Launches Personalize an AI Based Recommendation Service

Amazon has announced its public release of Amazon Personalize which is an Amazon Web Service that oversees the development of websites and mobile apps and email marketing systems that suggest products and provide unique visiting experiences to individual customers. 

Credits: Amazon

Credits: Amazon

“We are excited to share with AWS customers the expertise we’ve developed during two decades of using machine learning to deliver great experiences on,” said AWS’ VP of machine learning Swami Sivasubramanian. “Customers have been asking for Amazon Personalize, and we are eager to see how they implement these services to delight their own end users. And the best part is that these artificial intelligence services, like Amazon Personalize, do not require any machine learning experience to immediately train, tune, and deploy models to meet their business demands.”

Amazon Personalize is a machine learning based service that makes it extremely intuitive for developers to create individualized recommendations for customers. Machine learning powered Amazon Personalize can be used to improve customer engagement by powering personalized product and content recommendations, tailored search results.

Amazon Personalize allows developers with no prior machine learning experience to easily build sophisticated personalization capabilities into their applications, using machine learning technology perfected from years of use on