Artificial Intelligence Blasts Cool Air Down Your Neck

The world’s temperatures are increasing drastically. June of 2019 is currently recorded as the hottest month in history - a feat that seems to be constantly beat each year. Less and less people, in turn, are going outside, choosing to stay at home or in buildings with heavy air conditioning and cooling. While humanity is making attempts to resolve this reality, most attempts are futile or ephemeral.  The employment of vehicles, fertilizers, factories, even natural occurrences such as volcanic eruptions, all concepts that increase global warming, prove difficult to counter. Nevertheless, artificial intelligence has become a factor possible to battle each of them. Specifically through being placed on one’s neck to cool them off routinely.

Can you imagine having a tool smaller than your phone attached to your undershirt that makes you feel like you’re in the frozen food aisle at a superstore when you’re actually out in the hot sun in July hiking? Reon Pocket is an artificial intelligence created device that accomplishes this exact goal and many more. It was created by Sony in response to these exact rises in temperature across the world. Its portability is unmatched, as it is the size of a credit card, and can be controlled completely manually with little possibilities of failure through blue-tooth on your cellphone.

The simplicity of the Reon Pocket design - a slick, credit card sized tool that is almost unnoticeable.

The simplicity of the Reon Pocket design - a slick, credit card sized tool that is almost unnoticeable.

In a study conducted by Sony and other scientists, Reon Pocket was tested on over 100 different sized individuals in the same environment to measure three things: if they truly feel any noticeable changes in temperature, if the cooling is long-lasting without any fear of falling apart or hurting the consumer, and if its features are easy to utilize through their phone. Sure enough, each of the users did see an incredible decrease in their body temperature - by approximately 13 degrees Celsius, which is more than enough to handle the rising temperatures in the modern hot summer. In addition, there were no technological failures in the study, and each user was able to manipulate Reon Pocket to match their environment - even being able to add a heating feature in case their surroundings were too cold.

Unfortunately, of this moment, Sony has only launched the product in Japan. However, in the future, they plan to reach nations abroad, focusing primarily on the most heavily populated regions in India and China, as well as giving considerable importance to the UK and US. Once more and more nations are incorporated in the Reon Pocket experiment, their costs could decline further, as it is currently fairly priced at 12,760 yen to 19,030 yen (£95 to £141).

Therefore, artificial intelligence can be a successful enemy to counter the growing concern for global warming and rising temperatures. It is not to say that this method alone can eliminate all worry for these rising temperatures because as ice caps continue to melt due to this heat, the possibilities of flooding cities are still of heavy concern. But by giving awareness to this reality, Sony can propel humanity to continue desiring these cooler temperatures, using less technology that causes global warming and switching to more sustainable sources of energy.