‘Artificial Intelligence Could End Mankind’ - Stephen Hawking

As human beings, our ‘general’ intelligence and our understanding of the world around us, is what separates us from AI technology’s ‘narrow’ intelligence. Our ability to think creatively, flexibly and having new thoughts and ideas is unique and our most valuable resource… but not for long. Most people would agree that AI might pose a serious threat to us in the near future and some might go as far as to say, wipe out all of mankind.

So why do we continue to develop artificially intelligent technology with such alacrity? Simply because AI was created for a good cause originally like most things were. We live in a world with so many diseases to cure, so many issues unresolved and so many questions unanswered. We are hoping that one day, these intelligent technologies will be able to think on their own feet and be able to explore problems from new perspectives that might not have occurred to us in the past.

It's not long until we will have successfully gifted AI technology with ‘general’ intelligence. We can positively evolve computer technology in a way that is complementary to our experiences so that it can aid us better.

The amelioration of such technologies will continue to the point when machines become smarter than mankind and inevitably begin to improve themselves! This could cause an ‘Intelligent Explosion’ as a mathematician once phrased it, and this technology will start to get away from us. The slightest difference between their goals and our goals could cause these machines to completely disregard our existence in an instant. What is scary is that without even needing to surpass our intelligence, these technologies could achieve 20000 years worth of actual human-intellectual work in one week simply because electrical circuits function a million times faster than our biochemically restrained brains. We can’t possibly expect to have control over such technology for long.

This is what makes it imperative for us as the human race, to define our future goals and strategies right now to direct the development of artificially intelligent technologies down a positive path that assists us in the future rather than becoming a problem.

Machines will soon outshine us at performing most jobs and become a much more efficient alternative for employers

Machines will soon outshine us at performing most jobs and become a much more efficient alternative for employers

We have set off the Domino effect on AI’s evolution. We are the drivers of this AI car for now, and it is our duty to steer it in the right direction and choosing the right future for AI.