Boris Johnson Announces That The NHS Will Receive £250m For The Use Of AI

The UK’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has pledged £250m for NHS artificial intelligence because he believe that AI could be a hugely transformative addition to the national health service as it could improve the detection of diseases and who is most likely to be diagnosed with them. This could result in a significant reduction in waiting times, which could be just the efficient optimiser that the NHS needs right now. AI is already being used in some hospitals in England for cancer detection and cut the number of missed appointments. It is used to identify those patients who are not very likely to show up for their appointments and sends them a reminder call.

The prime minister allocated £1.8bn towards the maintaining and rebuilding crumbling hospitals, with an estimated cash requirement of £6bn. Johnson also announced changes to the pension tax being paid by the best-paid doctors and nurses that resulted in their cutting back on extra shifts. he latest announcement would help the NHS become a world leader in AI. Johnson believes that the NHS was leading the way in harnessing new technology to treat and prevent, from earlier cancer detection to spotting the fatal symptoms of dementia. 

The integration of AI into the NHS could give the service a significant boost in efficiency

The integration of AI into the NHS could give the service a significant boost in efficiency

However, health experts pointed out that the NHS has had an unsatisfactory history with the implementation of technology and that any new systems would need robust evaluation to ensure that the costs outweigh the benefits. They have also raised some concern over the source of the money and if the monetary inflow into artificial intelligence development resulted in any serious trade-offs in other parts of the NHS, which is also cash-stripped and has a 6bn maintenance backlog, which is a bigger cause for concern.

Simon Stevens, the NHS England Chief Executive, says that carefully targeted AI is ready fro practical application and that the additional investment in a step in the right direction.

In the first instance, it should help personalise NHS screening and treatments for cancer, eye disease and a range of other conditions, as well as freeing up staff time, and our new NHS AI Lab will ensure the benefits of NHS data and innovation are fully harnessed for patients in this country.
— Simon Stevens, NHS Chief Executive
Vinay Gadagoju