Chick-fil-A Implements New AI Algorithm To Find Any Food Safety Threats

Chick-fil-A is a popular fast food restaurant in the USA that specialises in chicken sandwiches that make people all over the country go wild. Being such a big chain, it needs to prioritise the quality and safety of the food so that no customers are harmed. That's where Chick-fil-A's artificial intelligence algorithm that scans social media platforms such as Twitter comes in handy.


When there are cases of food poisoning or if there is something just not right about the food, people normally complain via Twitter or Facebook. They might say something along the lines of 'this sandwich made me ill!' or 'this burger made me sick!'. The AI, which is hosted on Amazon's AWS Comprehend Service, scans the social media platforms for keywords such as 'ill' or 'sick' to be able to easily identify any problems with the food.

Being able to use AI to keep track of these issues is very useful as it can be able to track any trends regarding these food safety issues and the company can see if there is a problem very early on before any more harm is caused to the customers. Furthermore, cases like these can damage the company's reputation and can cause the stock to plummet like the Chipotle E. Coli outbreak in 2018 which led to more than a 7% drop in their stock prices.

Machine learning, AI and Blockchain are being used more and more to keep track of what is happening in the chain or production in food, so the company can ensure no steps are missed in order to keep the food safe to eat. These applications will be able to make it much easier for companies to find any issues in the chain of production and can quickly alert any customers of any problems before more problems occur.

However, Chick-fil-A's AI is not completely foolproof. As the algorithm looks out for keywords, it may be tricked into thinking there is a problem when in reality there is not one. For example, some words have double meanings as 'this burger is sick' has positive connotations but as the AI picks up on 'sick' it may flag it up as a possible issue.