Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans As Writers?

For a long time, the human brain has been undefeated in terms of writing skills because it is believe that only humans have the ability to perform deep analysis and research and create content. However, Artificial Intelligence is catching up to the human brain and may soon, outcompete humans. Many people believe that the skills of software may be advanced, but can not keep up with the skills of a human. However, the integration of technologies like artificial intelligence into content curation can lead to technology surpassing the writing efficiency of humans.

Artificial Intelligence is also making headway in the writing industry which may indicate that the future of writing may be more dependent on AI as opposed to humans:


Today, there are already several software packages that provide assistance in proofreading, a notable example being Grammarly. The software effectively detects spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and rectifies them. Grammarly easily detects and correct errors that can sometimes be overlooked by humans. Therefore, it seems that AI has already made significant progress in terms proofreading.


Plagiarism Check:

Human writers can often use content from other external sources and in doing so tend to copy sentences, either intentionally or unknowingly. This is something that is not accepted in professional articles and reports. Artificial Intelligence has shown its presence in this field too as there are tools and software which help the human writer identify the plagiarised content and change it before it violates plagiarism norms.

Content Assessment:

There are software available that analyse content written by human writers and check the quality of the content, including an evaluation of the readability of the written content, check paragraph lengths and analyse sentence lengths. For a human to do the same job would be much more time-consuming as opposed to the job being performed by AI.

Therefore, it is evident that at present. AI is certainly acting as labour enabling technology and helping human improve their writing quality. However, it is very much possible that AI could soon become labour replacing and could replace human writers.