David Cameron joins an AI firm in the US

The Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has been hired by a firm invested in AI and is based out of the US.

Mr Cameron will lead the advisory board of Afiniti, which specialises in AI-based behavioural pairing technology. Afiniti discover and predicts patterns of interpersonal behavior to optimally pair customer with firms. Afiniti’s technology examines data which is commercially available to identify patterns of successful behavioral interactions and applies these patterns in. Real time to drive improvements in health and customer satisfaction. Afiniti uses its data-chaining process using a set of pre-determined sources. In the process a vast amount of data is generated through highly complex methods to build a rich contextual data source for each interaction using this data Afiniti deploys specialized Machine-Learning algorithms to identify behavioral patterns .

The advisory board features an array of high-profile figures including John Browne, former chief executive of BP and François Fillon, the former prime minister of France. Afiniti was set up by the US-Pakistani entrepreneur Zia Chishti who is now the CEO. 

Mr Cameron said he was "delighted" to take on the role "helping support their work to transform the future of customer service and interpersonal communications".

Last year, Afiniti raised $130m in a combination of debt and equity in a round that valued the business at $1.6bn.