Dubai-based AI Start-up Could Revolutionize How Healthcare is Run

Artificial Intelligence has been a growing industry in today's economy. Multiple firms, including start-ups, have been implementing the new technology into their businesses. This is seen with VR games, medical equipment, smart assistants, and much more.  

As most people know, booking a doctor appointment for yourself or family member could be a pain. A doctor could be on vacation, or attending a conference, or unavailable for any other reason, forcing the patient to book with a different doctor. Picking a different doctor could now be more carefree. And because the average clinic in Dubai Healthcare City gets over a thousand patients a month, it could be challenging to stay organized and keep track of patient requests.

Melda Akins, an entrepreneur, believes she can create a solution to those problems with the help of AI technology. 

A new Dubai-based AI firm, Dimension14, is developing sophisticated application software for clinics appointment system. Its job is to ask the patients a few questions thought a chatbot and then use those answers alongside a scan through the patients' medical history to find the most suitable doctor that will give the patient the best service and treatment. The purpose of having that type of AI program is to improve the clinic's efficiency and organization.  

A view of the entrance of Dubai Health Care City.

A view of the entrance of Dubai Health Care City.

Our aim is creating the product and the platform for all the doctors, patients, and all parties getting their preferences, medical history expertise, and creating the best plan for everyone.
— Melda Adkins, founder of Dimension14.

Basically, it would be a program that could improve efficiency and communications between doctors, clinics, and the patients while also being able to offer a better more personalized service.

George Awad