Dubai Uses AI to Cut Down On Bus Accidents

Al Raqeeb is a safety and efficiency AI that is currently being used in public buses to reduce the number of accidents on Dubai's roads caused by fatigued bus drivers. The AI detects any unusual activity which is then reported to the command centre who then decide if the driver should have a break. The drivers' levels of tiredness and illness are monitored, which help the AI to categorise them as unfit drivers.

This AI has been implemented by the Roads and Transport Authority and it has been reported that it detects five to eight cases of unusual activity, such as exhaustion, every day from over 300 bus drivers. A trial has been conducted and it has been said to reduce these fatigue-related incidents by up to 88%.


This isn't the Roads and Transport Authority's only endeavour into using AI to help run Dubai. There are 74 other projects that are being tested out in order to increase the safety and efficiency of Dubai's roads. This is part of the attempt into turning Dubai into a 'Smart City' and it stems from the Artificial Intelligence Programme in the city.

Other AI projects include installing over 10,000 cameras into taxis in order to increase safety and has led to an 83% rise in customer satisfaction. Autonomous transport is also something that is being developed in Dubai, which is the same case for many tech companies like Tesla. It involves complicated machine learning, deep learning and computer vision hence why it is so difficult to complete to a safe enough degree for use in cities worldwide.