Elon's Neuralink Reveals Itself

Like all of Elon Musk's companies, Neuralink has very ambitious targets to meet. However, unlike the rest of Elon Musk's companies, Neuralink has stayed very quiet about themselves - up until now.

For the first time, Neuralink held a public conference. Elon Musk spoke at the conference, which was held in San Francisco and live-streamed to the world, and mentioned two important things: the first main point was about how the company has made leaps and bounds of progress in linking computers and the human, the second point was about how the firm is now opening up and is willing to take more talent.

Neurons work by passing electronic impulses through the brain; these signals can be read and can potentially be used to read your mind.

Neurons work by passing electronic impulses through the brain; these signals can be read and can potentially be used to read your mind.

The firm has made an impressive amount of progress recently by testing on animals, the key principle is that if they can master the monkey mind they can move onto mastering the human brain. Elon Musk announced "A monkey has been able to control a computer with his brain", though this is impressive, moving a cursor doesn't require a high bandwidth connection between the brain and a computer, which is one of the key requirements the company needs to meet for its final goal.

The reason high bandwidth connections between brain and board has never been made is that scientists have always struggled to connect a large number of neurons electronically to computers, it's manageable with a few, but it becomes a devilishly difficult and risky task if you wish to connect a massive amount of neurons.

Nevertheless, Neuralink built on the research published to the public and developed a new technology to make high bandwidth brain-computer connections possible. The new technique uses microscopic hair-like strands that go through the brain and output the electrical signals from the neurons, roughly trying to meet neurons in terms of size. This is to ensure the wiring can meet as many neurons as possible while making the operation as unintrusive as possible for the brain.

Neuralink aims to connect computer and brains, so connecting AI and humans is a natural next step. Elon claims that instead of resisting the take-over of AI, we should accept it and join it by infusing ourselves with AI. However, this is a very long term and idealistic goal, in the short term, with high bandwidth connections, Neuralink aims to help those with disabilities through faster and more precise control of artificial limbs. For example, this could be a brain-controlled suit around a paraplegic person to aid movement.

Currently, this is all Neuralink claims it will do, with no 3rd party software or advertising allowed, of course, but the possibilities this holds are absolutely massive, ranging from mind control and potentially if the connection vector becomes two way, it can also be used for mind control by sending signals in different parts of the brain.

Parth Mahendra