Google Opens Its First AI Centre in Africa

The tech giant, Google, has officially opened its doors in Ghana. The newly built Google Artificial Intelligence Research Centre in Ghana has received praise from people around the country. The opening of the facility is expected to greatly contribute to solving many of the nation’s problems through implementing artificial intelligence where applicable.

Simply put, Artificial intelligence is an area within computer science which involved the creation of intelligent machines that are able to mimic human activity to an extent. AI is able to change and adapt to its environment, just like a human being. This means that programmers are not required to continuously update the system to assign it with new tasks or reconfigure it for different environments. Artificial intelligence is highly beneficial as it contributes to finding solutions to real-world problems, in this case helping to solve problems within Ghana.

This research centre is the first in Africa. Google is highly optimistic that the research facility, the lab in the West African country, will greatly help shape and transform the lives of the people assisting with breakthrough discoveries, inventions and ideas in over to overcome many of the common problems that occur within the African continent, such as natural disasters.

Google opens its first AI research facility in Africa, located in Ghana.

Google opens its first AI research facility in Africa, located in Ghana.

“Africa has many challenges where the use of AI could be beneficial sometimes even more than in other places,” said Head of Google AI Accra, Moustapha Cisse.

Machine learning researchers and software engineers are in charge of providing the AI centre with relevant, local AI content. Google is currently collaborating universities and start-ups within the continent to further enhance the development of the artificial intelligence research facility.

Cisse goes on to say that “these opportunities and awareness is the first step. Now we are doing the research here and we are looking forward to collaborate with other researchers working across Africa to tackle some of these ambitious and tough challenges and hopefully make differences.”

“I strongly believe that AI has a bright future in Africa,” he said, elaborating that, “Africa has a lot to give to AI and AI has a lot to give to Africa. We are the youngest continent on this planet. It’s also the fastest growing population and the challenges are huge and AI has a huge role to play. This type of technology will help accelerate various sciences that are relevant. I believe the future of AI is mainly here in Africa.”

The opening of this centre not only commemorates it being the first one in Africa, but given that Africa has many potential applications of AI, AI could help shape the lives of the people and the continent. With more money being invested into bringing people from abroad to work on developing and searching for more applications for AI, Africa as a whole is definitely in a position to benefit from the implementation of new technology.

Head of Google AI Centre in Ghana, Moustapha Cisse, emphasises on vast use of AI in Africa.

Head of Google AI Centre in Ghana, Moustapha Cisse, emphasises on vast use of AI in Africa.

Zacharia Sharif