AI in Huawei's Camera Software

With each announcement of any new phone in Huawei's P-Series line of phones comes improvements and innovations in the camera department and this year is no different.

The camera in the P30 Pro comes with an AI recognition feature. This feature is designed to recognise common objects and scenes and fine-tune the settings of the camera to optimise the quality of photos.

To achieve this, Huawei has trained an AI that can take in data from the camera in real time and process that data to recognise the objects in the scene. Huawei has also given each object and scene an optimal setting and the camera settings are adapted accordingly to achieve this setting. The benefit to this is that there is a noticeable boost in camera quality without any extra spending in hardware.

Furthermore, the AI also enhances the image stabilisation. This leads to a large variety of benefits.

1. Night shots are improved

Since the camera lens is open for a longer period of time, more light hits the camera. This means that the images are brighter since they have more light.

Comparison of the P30 Pro’s night shot with AI stabilisation enabled compared to phones without AI stabilisation

Comparison of the P30 Pro’s night shot with AI stabilisation enabled compared to phones without AI stabilisation

2. Pictures have better quality

The lens is open for longer meaning there is more data that the camera receives. This leads to clearer, sharper and more detailed images which have a decreased amount of noise.

3. Deeper zoom

There are 2 types of zoom, hardware zoom and digital zoom. Hardware zoom means the lens is shifting forwards to manipulate the image to be zoomed in. The problem with this is that this can take up space which is increasingly expensive in the world of thin smartphones. Digital zoom works by simply increasing the size of central pixels and discarding the ones in the corners. The problem with digital zoom is that the effect of the camera swaying is multiplied since the pixels are enlarged. However, if swaying is decreased by AI stabilisation, this means that we can use digital zoom (a whopping 50x in the case of the P30 Pro) without worrying about nauseating videos or blurry images.

AI technology in cameras is just one example of ways AI can augment the quality of different input devices around us, maybe next we'll see audio denoising using AI.