How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Digital Marketing

The integration of AI into digital marketing can make marketing campaigns much more efficient and streamlined. Although digital marketing has relied heavily on human creativity, artificial intelligence can do the job using only data. Presently, AI cannot impersonate human emotions such as empathy, creativity or imagination. However, new breakthrough is artificial intelligence are made quite frequently, and the applications of AI in the future can be potentially limitless. Regardless, AI is already making headway in the marketing industry in the following ways:

Content Curation and Generation:

AI has the potential to curate and generate content, then place it front of the right people in the right platforms. However, eventually, AI may be capable of generating its own structured content, provided that certain parameters of information.

AI can also be used to map out a content generation strategy, allowing content creators to be able to generate content that can effectively capture their audience’s attention.

AI enhanced digital advertising:

AI can also play a key role in changing the way tat businesses advertise. The transition from traditional billboards to digital billboards enables multiple businesses to advertise the same place. AI can be utilised to ensure that right ads are being displayed at the right times and at the right places in order to make sure they reach the right audience.

Data is now the most valuable asset for several top companies including Amazon, Netflix, Google, etc.

Data is now the most valuable asset for several top companies including Amazon, Netflix, Google, etc.

Big Data Analytics:

Big data refers to large volumes of data - both structured and unstructured - that may be analysed to reveal patterns, trends and assosciations, especiaclly relating to human behaviour and interactions. This is a field where the integration of AI can be invaluable. Using AI to analyse the big data can help reveal any useful strategies that a business can implement to run a successful marketing campaign and gain a competitive edge against their competitors.

Businesses are pouring plenty of money into AI investments. As more AI use-cases occur, we'll discover the most and least effective ways of applying this technology in digital marketing.

Vinay Gadagoju