How Domino's Is Using AI To Make the Perfect Pizza

The American pizza restaurant chain Domino's Pizza announced that it is going to start using an AI-powered scanner to make sure every pizza is made to perfection. The scanner uses Domino's algorithm called DOM, which you may have heard of from the Domino's app where DOM is the pizza tracker. It combines complicated machine learning algorithms with AI and sensors that are used to detect if the pizza is the right type and it has a correct and even distribution of toppings.

An example of what DOM looks out for. (Source: Domino's)

Currently, the pizzas are checked by humans and even though the staff do a good job it still isn't perfect, which results in many complaints through social media that can affect Domino's PR. The scanner is placed directly above the pizzas and if it isn't up to scratch then DOM would signal the workers to remake the pizza.

DOM does everything by quickly taking a photo of the pizza and then comparing it to a large dataset made up of correctly made pizzas. It can then swiftly determine if the pizza that has been made is correct or if it needs to be discarded and another one needs to be made to take its place.

Domino's said they will start to roll out these AI-powered scanners and will hope to improve the AI. It also wishes to add a feature that will allow customers to see real-time photos that are sent by the scanner of their pizzas as they are being made.

A video on the DOM Pizza Checker.