Jaguar's Future Type will Lead the Shared Transport Market

Jaguar is looking to shape the future of the automotive industry. They don’t plan to just sit back and wait for a better future to arrive, instead, they will lead the industry towards smarter, interconnected, electric cars.

Jaguar has a vision of implementing shared mobility/transport in the future. Vehicles, whenever you need them, wherever you need them. But rather than having you smart car idly wait for you in your garage to be summoned, shared transportation will allow multiple entities to have shared ownership of vehicles in the future. This might sound far fetched but in fact, Jaguar has already created a smart, AI-driven steering wheel called Sayer to begin this revolution.

Sayer is more than just a steering wheel, it’s an all-in-one device packed with features. It is a removable steering wheel which is designed to go everywhere the driver goes, and it will bravely replace your portable speaker, your smart assistants at home and apparently your mobile device too! The Sayer steering wheel handles tasks that range from summoning your autonomous car to controlling your smart home. This steering wheel is designed to work seamlessly with Jaguar’s upcoming series of autonomous cars, the ‘Future Type’. These concept cars are Jaguar’s vision for 2040 and beyond.  

Jaguar’s ‘Future Type’ concept cars. Photo by ©Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar’s ‘Future Type’ concept cars. Photo by ©Jaguar Land Rover

‘So there will be a shared autonomy fleet where you buy your car and you can choose to use that car exclusively, you could choose to have it be used only by friends and family, only by other drivers who are rated five star, you can choose to share it sometimes but not other times, That's 100 per cent what will occur.’ – Elon Musk’s comment on the future of shared autonomy fleets during a TED talk.

The Sayer steering wheel may be the only part of the car that you fully own due to the co-operative sharing networks that allow others to summon it for a ride. The driver will also be welcome to take control of the car and drive with full manual control anytime.

Intelligent steering wheel - Sayer. Photo by ©Jaguar Land Rover

Intelligent steering wheel - Sayer. Photo by ©Jaguar Land Rover has partnered up with many companies including Jaguar to manage shared mobility services in the near future that will provide autonomous cars to people on demand.’s business model revolves around helping fleet owners maximise their business by improving overall efficiency.

"Working with the right technology partner is an incredibly important decision for us at InMotion. Fleetonomy's AI-based platform shows great promise in providing mobility offerings that fit within the Jaguar Land Rover pedigree of premium products and services. That is why we are delighted to be working with Fleetonomy." – Lars Klawitter, Managing Director Studio 107 at InMotion.

InMotion Ventures is powered by Jaguar Land Rover and they invest in the automotive sector.

Jaguar is leading the industry down an excellent path which will benefit every section of society globally.