M&S leading the future of retail using Microsoft’s AI

M&S is a unique retailer with a great heritage primarily based in the UK. They are a major player in the food and clothing industry, focused on delivering great value for money. In November 2017 Marks & Spencer set out a five year transformation programme for the business to embrace futuristic technologies like AI, machine vision and machine learning into its stores, as well as weaving it into their manufacturing processes behind the scenes.


Marks & Spencer have a vision to deeply integrate machine learning, computer vision and AI across every endpoint. Every scanner, screen and camera in M&S stores will not only collect data but analyse it and make sense of it, allowing M&S to put strategies in place to react to the customers’ more appropriately. This includes optimising product positioning within a store for its customers, restocking efficiently and reducing response times to fulfil short-term demands. Every M&S store worldwide will be able to track, manage and replenish stock levels in real time – and deal with unexpected events.

Together with Microsoft, M&S is using insights for action to build the lead future of retail.

EnterpriseGavin Aren