Meet Mabu An AI Powered Doctor

A 68-year-old citizen named Byrd  of the state of California wakes up every morning to the voice from the living room wishing him a good morning the only intriguing fact here is that the 68-year-old lives alone. Not to worry it is an AI Powered robot named Mabu.

A little after 8 a.m. each day,  Mabu asks Byrd  how he’s doing. Byrd has Type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure . To stay healthy, he takes four pills a day and needs to exercise regularly. To make sure his heart is still pumping effectively, his doctor needs to stay on top of whether Byrd gets short of breath.

A representational image

A representational image

But instead of checking in with his doctor all the time, Byrd now talks with Mabu every morning — and sometimes again later in the day. “Mabu keeps me on my toes about remembering to take my medicine,” says Byrd. “And she asks if I’ve had any shortness of breath and other questions pertaining to my health. Mabu essentially takes care of Byrd and checks on him several times during the day Mabu is basically a robotic Nurse  

Byrd has been living with Mabu as part of a study for more than a year now, and he’s gotten used to having a daily conversation with the wide-eyed robot, whose eyelids blink and vary just like human eyes do to imitate a conversation with a real life human and not an AI powered robot, this really reduces the edge between humans and robots as they started to behave like humans 

Mabu is one amongst the finest artificial intelligence (AI) powered robots in medicine. The questions asked by Mabu are not just standard doctor question on the current symptoms of the patient but the questions are framed in such a way as not just to diagnose medical issues but to prevent psychological barriers like anxiety from occurring in the patient due to the nature of the patient. 

With these huge leaps in the field of AI, my questions for the day is will there ever come a time where we won’t have to visit a doctor to cure an illness?