Microsoft Launches Free AI Business School For Business Leaders

On the 11th of March Microsoft decided to address the lack in AI skills with an AI-focused e-learning scheme.

Working with the graduate business school INSTEAD , the “MS AI business school” focuses on providing business leaders and decision makers with AI and its applications to their businesses, for free.

The program comes in 4 modules, named: AI strategy, business culture, responsible AI, and technology. By using academic lectures, case studies, videos featuring industry leaders and tech talks the students can learn about all aspects of implementing AI into business. Microsoft also added inclusive insights into how AI operates within their business.

Currently only 2 in 10 fast growing companies are making use of the AI revolution, and due to the increased productivity these systems can bring, there is yet a lot of unrealised potential to be gained from AI. What makes the MS program different to existing data science/machine learning online courses is the focus on how to solve the structural/ cultural challenges of implementing AI systems in businesses.

A good three-quarters of the concerns that emerge around AI aren’t to do with the technology—they are around how to implement it in the organisation and what it means for every employee
— Mitra Azizirad, corporate VP for AI marketing at Microsoft

Microsoft also offers, aside from development tools, a more technical “AI School”, and the “Professional Program for Artificial Intelligence” which focuses more on data science aspects.

The schools actual depth of AI teaching isn't too deep to appeal more to those from a business background, however it goes deep into strategy and ethics and how to overcome cultural and structural issues.

Microsoft's introductory video on the school: