Microsoft’s AI: Feeding the world without wrecking the planet:

“We do that by taking the guesswork out of growing. This means growers can make better, faster decisions about how they produce the food we all eat.”- Ros Harvey, who founded The Yield in 2014.

Every year, the growing season arrives and farmers have to stake their livelihoods around a major element they can’t control: weather. The Yield, an agricultural technology company, uses sensors, data and artificial intelligence (AI) to help farmers make more informed decisions related to weather, soil and plant conditions. Thus, increasing the yield at the same time.

“They can make faster, more confident decisions; use less inputs and lower costs; and get more outcomes from fewer resources. That’s how we get sustainability, and that’s got to be good for the planet.”


Sensing+ Agriculture has been described as an end-to-end farm sensing and analytics system for faster, more informed decision-making. It works using a group of sensors which wirelessly with a central gateway on the farm, which passes information The Yield’s data platform and is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Theses sensors can capture data from any location, irrespective of terrain, vegetation or infrastructure. 12 main factors are measured using the sensors: soil moisture, leaf wetness, light, wind and rain. Using Microsoft’s AI technology allows The Yield to create a 7-day weather forecast for each farmer’s microclimate. An easy-to-use app comes along with this technology that advises farmers on when to plant, irrigate, feed and harvest their crops. Small factors such as harvesting the crops at the correct time increases the shelf life of these crops saving the agriculture industry millions and reduce food waste by 30%.

Sensing+ Aqua collects real-time data from robust sensors that have proven to stand up to harsh marine environments in water. These analyse quality as well as measuring a variety of climate conditions.

"What we need is information to helps us make decisions, and that’s where The Yield fits in. Their solution gives us a roadmap of what is going on in the water, which has always been difficult to quantify."-Justin Goc