Nvidia Announces New AI Powered Gaming Assistant

Nvidia is known for its cutting-edge graphics cards and recently released its Jetson Nano that is a cheap solution to bring modern AI to millions of devices but now there is a new addition.

The GeForce RTX R.O.N. is "a revolutionary, AI-powered holographic assistant that delivers the thrill of personalized PC gaming from your desktop.” The AI assistant from the future taps into the power of your computer’s GeForce RTX 20-Series card to connect to the games you are playing, so it can coach you on your gameplay, and update you on the latest gaming news. What’s even more amazing is that it can create and project 3D AR displays using holographic technology to display maps, levels and data to help you “consistently dominate in battle.”

The power of R.O.N. doesn’t end there though. If you ever get a bit too toxic, the never before seen “adaptive RageConverter technology” will convert your rather unsavoury words into a positive message towards your team. This means that you are finally no longer the 0/9 Yasuo that flames all the time.

Are you ever about to get that Fortnite dub but you get a text that distracts you so you get a pump action shotgun to your face and lose? Well, that’s a thing of the past as the new “TalkBlock” feature can connect to over 208 third party applications to help redirect any parents, siblings or roommates to diversions so you get that extra time you need to get your first win.

If that’s not enough, R.O.N. also has a way of fighting the online trolls using facts and logic. "R.O.N.'s cutting-edge TrollDestroyer capabilities" will "effortlessly wear down their stamina with a limitless supply of AI arguments, backed up by the endless wealth of information available on the Internet." This would come in handy when those pesky Reddit trolls come and say that Roblox is a “trash game”, as you can let R.O.N. do the rest and sit back as ‘iHateRoblocks123’ deletes their account out of embarrassment.

The release date and price of this compact device that is packed to the brim with outstanding features have not been announced, but that is probably coming soon, as the gaming community cannot wait to use the AI powered gaming assistant.