Tesla Reportedly Acquires AI Start-up DeepScale

The electric car manufacturer Tesla has quietly decided to purchase an up and coming artificial intelligence firm. It is thought that Tesla acquired the start-up because it wanted to develop its Autopilot self driving algorithms – DeepScale is famous for its innovative machine learning autonomous car technology.

DeepScale was reportedly bought last week by Tesla, although the company has made the choice of not responding to requests for comments on their latest acquisition. Buying firms in similar markets is not new to Tesla – back in February the business claimed that it hadd acquire Maxwell Technologies. The firm in question was involved in the trade of developing and selling specialist batteries. Clearly, this move was to help Tesla improve their car batteries.

Tesla is an American automotive and energy company based in Palo Alto, California. Source: Electrek

Tesla is an American automotive and energy company based in Palo Alto, California. Source: Electrek

The acquisition was discovered when DeepScale CEO Forrest Iandola edited his LinkedIn profile page saying that he had become involved with Tesla’s Autopilot team to assist development of Tesla’s self-driving cars.

DeepScale uses complicated neural networks as well as machine learning in order to help autonomous vehicles analyse the data found when recording what is happening outside of the vehicle. This means allowing the machine to more easily and efficiently recognise what is around it and what it is doing.

However, DeepScale has also gone further to differentiate themselves from the thousands of artificial intelligence start ups in the car industry. What the firm specialises in is “squeezing” their artificial intelligence algorithms. This means that they use mathematical formulae and multiple layers of neural networks to make their programmes more efficient. They use complicated techniques to crunch the large data sets acquired by such machines and turn it into something useful using a fraction of the resources. This leads to numerous benefits, such as the opportunity for self-driving vehicles to react faster to developments in the world around them and the possibility of adding new procedures onto the same machine.

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