The Employment of Artificial Intelligence In Saudi Arabian Classrooms

Current trends indicate Saudi Arabia's growth to a more intellectually developed, progressive and established nation. This is proven through the apparency the leaders have provided towards the government system. The driving force of this growth, likewise to many other nations, lies in education. From engendering morals and values to paving the path for future influencers, education's effect on society is unmatched. As a result of its importance, Saudi Arabia is endeavouring to better the system through technology. Misk Schools are a primary depiction of this endeavour. Currently, Misk Schooling is testing artificial intelligence to aid teachers, students, and faculty in facilitating the process of education. The potential of artificial intelligence proves to be insurmountable and vital for Saudi Arabia.

MISK teachers and faculty coding with AI programs.

MISK teachers and faculty coding with AI programs.

The prototype used by MISK schools is named CENTURY. This AI prototype has only been recently launched, yet is riddled with awards and honours for its revolutionary features pertaining to education. CENTURY serves as a learning platform for students, challenging them with quizzes after lessons, and charting and recording their data in order to provide to the teachers. CENTURY's special features include the advancement of personalised learning. With each child having unique needs, desires, and requirements for successful learning, CENTURY has been designed to alter its teaching process in the first handful of introductory lessons in order to identify which process the child performs strongest with. There exist over 15 different teaching processes and manuals, each being specifically designed for different types of students.

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman desired that MISK Schools be the first to participate in the CENTURY program. This was due to their excellence in Saudi Arabia: providing quality education for a large number of students. It was only fitting that AI be tested in an advanced and qualified environment.

[We] seek to both support and challenge our learners, and by partnering with CENTURY we will empower our students to take ownership of their learning. Moreover, CENTURY will allow our teachers to have better insight into the daily work of each student, and to better plan future work in the classroom.
— Peter Hamilton, the director of MISK Schools

Furthermore, the success of CENTURY is indisputable. When its results on the student body of over 11,000 students were calculated, CENTURY was discovered to improve the understanding of difficult material for students by a whopping 30%. This marks the most significant increase in learning ability by any technological element for education. English teacher Saleh Al-Ghamdi finds CENTURY beneficial not only for this purpose - but for its influence in the long-run. Saudi Arabia is currently involved in a program named Vision 2030 which is their goal for a successful and reformed future in the government, economy and overall society. Al-Ghamdi contends that AI is essential for this reform and with the initial steps in incorporating AI to education, Saudi Arabia is on an excellent start. 

CENTURY will continue to dominate the education sector for Saudi Arabia in the near century. With its proven success in Misk Schools, it is very likely that Saudi Arabia will continue to add CENTURY to other schools - specifically the impoverished schools that lack financial resources to educate their students to the best ability. Unfortunately, with this increase in prevalence, many teachers fear that CENTURY may replace them from their jobs. This, however, according to Al-Ghamdi, is not the case, as he vehemently believes that technology will aid teachers in accomplishing their goals rather than replace them: “The truth is that this revolution in education will hopefully make robots and computer programs and technology, in general, a supporting element to their indispensable profession." 

Due to its success in Saudi Arabia, it is probable that other nations around the world will employ CENTURY in their education. CENTURY tech recently signed an agreement with the Belgian government in order to be employed in Belgian schooling. More and more nations will consider CENTURY, and thus, improve the process of education around the world, in a halo-effect for one common goal: the true success of humanity.