This AI Can Turn Normal Video Into Super Slow Motion

Kandao, a Chinese camera and software company, has announced its latest endeavour into artificial intelligence called AI Slow-Motion. This innovative machine learning algorithm can make 30fps footage into a really smooth 300fps clip. This new feature is being added as an update to Kandao's QooCam and Obsidian 360 cameras.

Slow-motion offers possibilities to capture special moments in an epic way, but not all camera can do it. The high-fps camera is very expensive, as it requires large memories and is data-intensive, which is even more challenging for 360-degree cameras with multiple lenses.
— Dan Chen, the CEO of Kandao

Currently, if you try and slow down 30fps video to make it look like it was shot in a slow motion setting then it looks really choppy. This is because the way that this type of slow motion works is that frames are removed to give it a slow effect. Therefore, halving the speed of a 30fps video will make it a 15fps video, which is incredibly unpleasing to the eye. The AI Slow-Motion technology by Kandao uses neural networks to predict and fill in the extra frames between actual frames to make the video look smoother and aesthetically pleasing. This results in a nice 300fps video that looks like something from a movie.

Kandao says that users can slow down video up to 10 times after shooting it. Furthermore, they also say that "a 360-degree video originally captured at 8k 30fps can be transferred into a 240fps slow-motion in 8K, a 4k 60fps video can be exported at 4K 480fps, by selecting a factor of eight during the 360 stitching workflow in Kandao/QooCam Studio software.”