Twitter Acquires AI Start-up To Combat Fake News

After the 2016 presidential race, the term “Fake News” surged in popularity amongst journalists and internet users alike. The once trustworthy articles and sites have become tainted in the last couple of years. Fake sites, statistics and images begun circulating the internet and shared across social media sites. The most prominent being Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Whilst Facebook is taking the route of hiring contractors to deal with this problem, Twitter has decided to tackle this problem head on by using AI.

Twitter has recently bought the London based; UK start-up Fabula AI Limited in order to combat the ever-increasing world of fake news.

Fabula AI Limited is a 10-man, private for-profit company that was founded on the 20th of April 2018. Fabula has patented algorithms that uses Geometric Deep Learning in order to detect this so called “Fake News” where the datasets are so vast that the traditional machine learning techniques struggle. 


Fabula AI may be the beginning of the end for “Fake News”.

How Twitter will use Fabula is still unknown and many are theorising about its potential uses but what we do know is that Twitter is looking at unorthodox and innovative methods to combat deceitful and manipulative content online.

If this venture is successful, artificial intelligence may potentially be used across other social media sites to combat this digital phenomenon.

We will watch how this acquisition pans out in the long term with keen interest and we’ll be sure to post updates on this as time goes by.