Universities are offering more AI degrees

More and more people are trying to enter the world of AI as it is revolutionising every industry ranging from manufacturing to social media. Large businesses are tapping into its potential and there is a huge job market with many positions to fill but low supply of the right technical people with the right skill set to fill these roles.

AI is here and it’s not some trending hyped-up technology that will pass by; it is here to stay and we’re just getting started. This is why universities have started offering degrees that specialise in AI and are increasingly offering optional AI and deep learning related modules in their courses that students can opt for. Some American universities who offer AI-related degrees programs include MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University. These universities have some of the most advanced AI laboratories in the world. An AI program created at Carnegie Mellon University managed to beat professional ‘No-Limit Texas Hold’em’ poker players with a massive bluff! In the UK, universities such as UCL(University College London), Imperial College London and universities of Leeds, Manchester, Loughborough, Brighton and Bedfordshire offer AI degrees.

Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)

Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)

However, teaching AI comes with a responsibility to teach students about the ethical side of it too. AI technology is new and we are quite far from fully tapping into its potential, but it is already raising eyebrows. If it falls into the wrong hands and no ethical implications are taken into consideration, it could easily be misused and do more harm than good. Many of today’s influential figures including Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Pope Francis are all concerned about the matter at hand. Stephen Schwarzman recently went as far as gifting a staggering £150m to Oxford University tackle ethical and social issues linked to the ‘feared-future’ of artificial intelligence.  To get more information, please read the article called ‘The Record-Breaking AI Donation’ available on this website.

"I don't think artificial intelligence is something terrible, but human beings are smart enough to learn that." - Jack Ma

 Article thumbnail picture was taken by Karthick Ramachandran.