US Military Changing The Future of Warfare With AI

Amazon and Microsoft are competing on who gets to invest a  total of $10 billion to the US Military in an effort to help build and develop an AI system that is said to change the future of battlefields and warfare.

However, the US department of defense are facing obstacles from the public and technology company employees that could slow down the process. First of all, Microsoft employees are hesitant about developing a system that promotes war and violence. Second of all, there have been claims by a third company (Oracle) that Amazon's employment of a former US department of defense official roots for a conflict of interest between them. Third of all, the public do not believe that the project is worth spending $10 billion on. 

Group of US soldiers on field at the Black Sea.

Group of US soldiers on field at the Black Sea.


What is the project? It is known as the War Cloud; and it is bound to change modern warfare. War Cloud establishes large cloud computing based systems that allow the US Military to securely store classified date. An Artificial Intelligence software would then use this data for thorough war planning. 

Cloud is a fundamental component of the global infrastructure that will empower the warfighter with data and is critical to maintaining our military’s technological advantage.
It emphasizes mission and tactical edge needs along with the requirement to prepare for artificial intelligence while accounting for protection and efficiencies.
— The Pentagon

The US defense department has claimed that the use of AI in the US Military would immensely help soldiers execute plans at a far more efficient and effective rate. This is said to be possible by supplying the on filed soldiers with access to multiple classified data and plans through powerful AI-computers. 

George Awad