Fujitsu Enhances it's AI

The firm Fujitsu Laboratories Limited which is a subsidiary of the Japanese tech giant Fujitsu Ltd has recently announced the expansion of its ‘wide learning’ technology. The main objectives will be to carry out optimised plans for consumers; these range across many fields from manufacturing and marketing to finance. Before we delve into Fujitsu’s expansion in AI, just a brief background of the firm: Fujitsu Ltd. is a Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan currently also the world's fourth-largest IT services provider.

Fujitsu’s primary aim is to expand AI in marketing: Fujitsu will use AI to analyse and predict consumer behaviour and consumption patterns. This will allow Fujitsu’s clients to better understand their client base; especially crucial as consumer patterns have become more and more unpredictable in recent years. To address this problem, Fujitsu hopes to expand its Wide Learning technology to use modelling to identify decisions and actions which yield the highest percentage of purchases with the minimum number of actions. In the near future, Fujitsu also hopes to expand its use of AI into other areas of the firm such as the automatic control of machines to reduce product defects.

Graphical Representation of the process Wide Learning uses, Source: Fujitsu website

Graphical Representation of the process Wide Learning uses, Source: Fujitsu website


In terms of when this technology will be implemented, Fujitsu aims to automatically identify the optimal way to deliver information on products and services to customers by March 2020. Additionally, in fiscal 2020, the firm aims to introduce AI in its “FUJITSU Intelligent Data Service AD Drive Operational Marketing Service”. This will aim to improve the cost-effectiveness of advertising.

To conclude, in recent years there have been more and more industries where the use of AI creates substantial improvements in productive efficiency and reduces operational slack. However, in the near future, AI may see more growth in promoting sales growth and stable production by AI identifying actions that are most likely to lead to actual purchases.

FinanceArun Singh Dhillon